Our Aims

We will provide a safe, clean, healthy, happy, caring and supportive environment by maintaining and implementing our policies and procedures.

We will help parents and children feel comfortable and welcome by developing:

  • Friendly professional relationships with all parents and children
  • Relationships that provide an active exchange.
  • positive feelings of trust, acceptance and belonging
  • Orientation processes for new families

We will provide a program that offers children the opportunity to meet their fullest potential by providing:

  • A curriculum based on The Early Years Framework
  • Individual programming and assessment
  • Evaluation of programs
  • An environment that increases a child’s perception of himself and the world around him
  • A program that is consistent yet flexible to reflect children’s needs and interests and encompassing gender equality.

We will cater for the community by respecting, responding and supporting the needs, values and cultural diversity of the community.

We value the child’s self esteem by:

  • Promoting self help skills
  • Showing respect to children as individuals
  • Providing opportunities for non-gender specific experiences
  • Giving children responsibility for choice within the curriculum

We involve the family as a whole by:

  • Providing social occasions
  • Consulting on all relevant issues and policies
  • Providing information on parenting skills
  • Having a free and open exchange of ideas
  • Providing information on health and safety

We will support the educators:

  • To be approachable, respect, and promote positive communication between one another, and maintaining confidentiality
  • To have the opportunity for regular learning and training.
  • To communicate with families to ensure parents are well informed about the program and their child's day.
  • To foster a positive approach in guiding the behavior of children.